Exploring the intersection of engineering & sales


Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Feel free to leave your shoes on.

My background

I've worked my way through many companies big and small, progressing my skills through to CTO and I'm keen to try something new. Well, from a new angle at least.

Assuming The "DevSales" role

We’re now used to a plethora of DevX roles; DevRel[ations], DevOp[eration]s, ProductDev which are a merge of existing discipline applied with engineering capabilities to unlock scale through automation and expertise. People out there are covering "DevSales" (Patio11 comes to mind) but I wanted to label it explicitly as it'll help steer my focus.

I think there's an opportunity to unlock huge potential for other introverted/unskilled developers and hackers who have built something but aren't sure how to earn money from it. It takes one to know one :P

I'll share as much as I can from my learnings so you can be more successful.

What I plan to do:

  • Research the sales process and share the resources.
  • Create a digital product that has the potential to provide enough value to be salable.
  • Run experiments around sales, marketing and funnel optimization (e.g reducing churn) and share the experiment and results.
  • Earn at least £10,000 in annual repeatable sales for the first year and share the progress.

What I plan NOT to do:

  • Take outside investment as this would muddy the waters of the experiments. I'll self fund any costs (e.g. marketing, hosting etc) but be transparent.
  • Impede on my day job (I'm CTO of a care sector SaaS platform).
  • Work on developing features that don't directly affect sales. Extremely hard to draw boundaries around this but the spirit is to keep focus on building revenue, not whimsical sexy product development.


I've been nurturing an amateur fascination with economics in both a broad sense and directly applicable to the startup ecosystem. I've realized, through emerging out of schlep blindness, that sales & marketing (conflating for simplicity) are one of the biggest pain points for side hustles and bigger companies alike. This field is out of my comfort zone, is something I see as having long-term relevancy and can have positive impact in the world if I share my learnings.